Ponch × Leif Podhajský

Like Ponch, Leif Podhajský explores the intersection between new technologies and the forces of nature. His work — augmented landscapes, vibrating abstractions and cosmic glitches — visualise the meeting of sound and vision. 

Podhajský’s designs have enhanced the albums of many of our favourite musicians, including Tame Impala, Bonobo, Kylie Minogue, Foals and Of Monsters and Men (of which he was nominated for a Grammy Award).

Woman wearing black raincoat man wearing blue pullover anorak by Ponch ann Leif Podhajsky
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Raincoat — 111-111


Poncho — Dark Matter

$129.00 $90.00
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Cap — 111-111

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Anorak — 111-111


Raincoat — Dark Matter

$194.00 $142.00
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Poncho — 111-111


Cap — Dark Matter

$52.00 $38.00

Anorak — Dark Matter

$175.00 $124.00

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